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Monday, June 8, 2009

Armadillos Burritos ~ Keene, NH

Good Eats in Town ~ 4th Issueoriginally posted in “Life as Russ
We ate at Armadillos the other night. It's always a treat. A great atmosphere, right at the heart of all the activity in Keene. There is usually something going on at Railroad Square, just outside, so we like to take our food outside onto the square and to eat.

RR Square Family contemplating

The Kids both got Waldorf Burritos. They are huge. Just refried beans, rice, and cheese in a whole wheat burrito, but they sell them at the Waldorf school on Tuesdays (I think) for the kids lunches. Neither could finish their burrito, which worked out good for the next days lunches :)
What to order...

Tracy & I got Tacos Pescados. They were good, but they had run out of red cabbage, so we had lettuce. I also forgot about the hot sauce, the red one is hot, the green ...blistering hot. (or the other way around ha ha.) I doused my tacos with both anyway. We needed ice cream for desert, up the road, just to cool off.  Not a bad plan, really…possibly an ulterior motive for dessert on my part.


Tacos Pescados sin repollo....aw nutsNext time I'm going for the Quesadillas con pollo... very delicious... and big! Armadillos is a great place to eat, and a great place to chill out and watch what's going on down town.  They play host to lots of great bands, bluegrass, jazz, blues, that type of thing. I think they also have an open mike night, although I may be mistaken. Jeremiah's cello teacher played one night there, in his band (a blue-grassy kinda group) and it was awesome!

The search continues for the Fish Tacos that I had in Moab  and Key West, but these stand up and if you’re not into Fish Tacos, there are scores of other delicious selections to choose from.

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  1. Armadillos has closed. A new place has opened up in the same location....a burger place, I believe


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