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Monday, October 26, 2009

Port Authority Cafe ~ Keene, NH

Good Eats in Town ~ 5th Issue – originally posted in “Life as Russ

Last year a new eatery opened up in town, the Port Authority Cafe. This used to be the Vermont Transit bus station, where I’d pick up the bus to go to Boston. In fact, I believe it is still the bus stop, but the building itself has been converted to the Cafe and Ray’s Camera.

This place is fantastic! Sandwiches, soups, some very tasty beers, teas and cafe con leche are on the menu. I believe the cafe stays open until 2am, for those after last call munchies. They serve all kinds of “theme” sandwiches such as  Philly cheese steaks, Buffalo wings with 5 sauces-including "suicidal", the "Ripper" - a deep fried hot dog from NJ, and my favorite the “Cubano.” Port Authority Cafe


There are also hand cut potato or sweet potato fries and a variety of sauces to go with your sandwiches.

Service is friendly and fast. There is seating inside as well as some outside spots for those warm summer evenings.

Tracy and I went for dinner before going to see “Inglourious Bastards” a couple weeks ago. I had my usual, the “Cubano” with potato fries and a cafe con leche. Tracy had the same. Qué Rico!    0926091733

Last time, I had the same sandwich, with a tasty IPA, although the name escapes me.  It seems to be a Waldorf parent, after a school event, eatery, so we usually see a few familiar faces.

Port Authority Cafe on Urbanspoon

The Port Authority Cafe is located right off Main Street, near Margaritas and Lindy’s.     Enjoy!

Port Authority Cafe on Urbanspoon

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