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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vendetta ~ Keene, New Hampshire

 Good Eats in Town ~ 13th Issue

Vendetta! Last weekend was our 16th anniversary and so to celebrate, we went to Vendetta in Keene for Sushi and a couple beers. Vendetta has been around Keene for a few years, now, but for some reason, we had never stopped in.

The doorway is dark, and the glass tinted, so you really cant see what's going on inside, or what the atmosphere might be like, and it sits right beside the brightly lit and festive Mexican restaurant, Pedrazzas.


Pedrazas, VenedettaComing down the sidewalkIf you see this, you've gone too far  

Well, a few weeks ago, we were waiting for a table next store, so we decided to take a chance and pop in for a beer. How did we miss this for so long, what a cool place! The interior is warmly yet not brightly lit; it reminds me of some old English pub that you might find in Boston or Portsmouth (or England). The décor is wood and brick. They serve a variety of great craft beers with a rotating tap schedule, so you can always find something new and tasty to sip.

My spot There were a couple spots around mid-bar that we sat down at, and soon staked claim to as “our spot.” I ordered a Berkshire Steel Rail Pale Ale and we just sat and talked. We almost forgot to go next store for dinner. There was a cool sushi menu on the bar that  looked simply scrumptious, so we decided to come back on our anniversary.

Jump forward a few weeks…So there we were, our anniversary night out, and what luck! Our “spot” opened as we walked into the warm, crowded bar. To find a seat on Columbus day weekend in a college town was just plain “perfect night out, anniversary” luck.

So many beers... I ordered a Dogfish 90 minute IPA and perused the menu. There are so many great choices for sushi on the menu, and after a long inspection, we each chose a different roll to share. Tracy picked the spicy N’Orleans roll (Salmon, red pepper, green bean, cream cheese and cajun spices) and I chose the Wabi-Sabi roll (Tuna, pineapple, mango, apple, toasted coconut and spicy aioli sauce). mmmmm  mmmmm! Qué Ricooooo!!!!

I admit the wait for our meal was a bit long. I was able to finish another Dogfish before someone else's sushi arrived. Just before I started to devour the food in front of me, Tracy pointed out that I didn't order anything with asparagus in it. The bartender apologized, and soon came back with our order.

Menu boardWhat can I say? The sushi was fantastic!!! Each mouthful was a renewed trip to the mental state of deliciosity. I even savored bites, instead of filling my face as fast as chopsticks could push food in. We really enjoyed our meal together, laughing, talking and eating wonderful Sushi.

I believe that we have discovered our new favorite bar/Sushi place. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed. The bartenders and wait staff are friendly and chatty, and the crowd, great. That night I ended up talking to a number of people (not that that’s a surprise) Everybody seems friendly...its just that kind of place. I’ll admit that its not budget-dining, my Dogfish was $6 and the rolls were $11 each, but for great craft beers and sushi, whadya expect?

Tracy & I are looking forward to many more trips to Vendetta.



I'm gonna tell everyone... 











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Vendetta on Urbanspoon

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  1. I'm sorry to say that Vendetta has closed ... but a new pub; The Pour house, has opened up in its place....more to come


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