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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Top of the Hill Grill - Brattleboro, VT

Good Eats in Town ~ 7th Issue  from “Life as Russ”
chow_028Sunday night, the kids came home from visiting their Granny and aunts. Neither Tracy nor I felt like making anything for dinner, but we were all pretty hungry, so we decided to go out. We usually head to Keene for pizza or burritos or something, but this time we wanted a change.
I thought of the Top of the Hill Grill.

I had driven by so many times, on my way into Brattleboro, and always wanted to stop by, but for some reason, I just never did. So off we went. It’s only about a 10 minute drive from home… closer than Keene, and when we arrived around 7:30, the place was packed. We parked and went up to order. 

Qué Rico!!What a cool surprise!!  The menu was huge…and there is so many tasty options… BBQ, Mexican, Cajun, all kinds of sandwiches. I had a hard time deciding what to order, so you can imagine how Tracy and Jeremiah fared.  
From the road, one doesn’t really appreciate the size or ambiance of the place. It seems like a funky little BBQ shack, but it is really so much more. I could spend a lot of time trying to describe the whole place, but really, the video on their website does it much better justice.

You can also check out their menus, photo gallery, catering options….all kinds of stuff. Please stop in here… http://www.topofthehillgrill.com/index.php and check it out.

chow_007 chow_025  chow_027
Needless to say, the food was fantastic!!  Tracy & I each had a pulled pork plate, with beans, coleslaw, & cornbread; and chocolate chipotle brownies for desert.
There are so many choices as to where to sit down and eat. The eating area kind of reminds me of the Ewok City in Star Wars. There is a large deck, tucked in and around giant red oak and black locust trees that overhangs a high steep bank overlooking the West River. There are a couple levels. There are also a pavilion, and a beautiful inside dining room. There is even a huge hammock, for those so inclined.  Lanterns, candles and lighted wooden railing lend the perfect tone.
inside dining Inside dining 2
I have discovered one of my new favorite places and now the new quest is to try everything on the menu!
Top of the Hill Grill
P.O. Box 111
Williamsville, VT 05362
Phone: (802)258-9178
I cant take credit for the photos here today, though. Neither of us brought a camera, so everything here is from the website.
Top of the Hill Grille (Seasonal - Apr-Oct) on Urbanspoon

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