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Monday, March 30, 2009

Keene's newest restaurant - Pedraza's (comida de Mexicana)

Good Eats in Town ~ First editionoriginally posted in ”Life as Russ

IMG_0019 Pedraza's is finally open!!! We've been waiting since we saw construction begin. I know...I'm going out of order...I said the first place would be Amicci's, but since Pedraza's finally opened up this weekend, we had to try it out.

The restaurant is in a block on central square in downtown Keene. (the old Oasis space) The paint is still fresh and there's no awning on the front yet. The wait staff are still learning what is on the menu, but are very nice and enthusiastic. The atmosphere was awesome! The place is decorated beautifully and the location can't be beat. Prices are very reasonable.

We stopped by for lunch on Sunday afternoon. We weren't looking for big meals, so went with the combo plates, instead of the more expensive house specials. I'll need to go back for those. Tracy & I had the number 30: 1 tostada 1 burrito & 1 enchilada. We got 2 enchiladas and no burrito, but give the place a break, its the first Sunday they were open. Grace got a tostada. Jeremiah got the number 6: 1 enchilada, refritos, rice and a hard shell beef taco. Here is my plate, missing one already scarfed enchilada.

We all enjoyed our meals, except for the refritos. I make much better beans, Gracias a Leo. There was a delicious hint of some spice in the enchilada that I couldn't quite place.

There is a great tequila and Mexican beer list.


I'm definitely going back, to try one (if not many) of the house specials. The menu is huge and it might take many, many trips before I can properly make a good judgment. ;) Enjoy!!

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